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Dreamation Doodles

Dreamation Doodles

This last weekend, I had the honor to play a couple of games with the authors of two games. And as per course, I doodled as I played. Both games were awesome and let me plug them.

First up was Mortal Coil. The author (and amazing nice guy!) is Brennan Taylor and ran a wonderful game. It is a game about defining a world of magic. Well, I took a nap about 2 hours before the game session and had this dream of science fiction meets magic with a definite anime vibe. So I proposed it.

And the group accepted it and off we were running. In the end, we traveled to the center of the universe to save the civilized planets from planet eating demons to find the true spell of exorcism. We ended up blowing up the universe! With Love! and hit the reset button. Totally awesome!!

My character was the interperter, had spells of illusion and interpertation and clarity. He was in love with 'M.C.', the ship's AI and a player character. Here is Eric...


Then here is the ship, the "Mortal Coil".... how could we not name it that?


And lastly, here is "MC" the AI herself.


And a link to this wonderful game, Mortal Coil, ladies and gentlemen:

Then I got the chance to play With Great Power. Run and written by Michael S. Miller. I've played a lot of superhero games, but this one really modelled the ramping up plans of the villain(s) and the heroes trials and woes and disasters... but then being able to pull out a victory at the last minute... better than any superhero game I've ever played. Lots of player input and control was possible.

This was pregen character, The Sheild, in Mutant Academy setting, trademark filed off to protect the guilty. I had so much fun playing the straight man to Thor's Wrath... this was a really fun game.

So, here is my version of The Sheild.


And the link to another wonderful game, With Great Power come the responsibilty to buy and play this game:


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Feb. 1st, 2007 03:07 pm (UTC)
Thanks for the kind words and the sketch! I'm glad you enjoyed the game. Perhaps spring will find me journeying north to wreak my nefarious plans on some Kryosians!
Feb. 4th, 2007 10:54 pm (UTC)
That would be awesome!!!

Kryosians.... that is kinda cool.

no pun intended... kryos= cryos= cold... awwww... nvm.
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