Got three femme fatales for ya!  The first is another Death Tribble special, I called her Jewel, we didn’t really come up with a codename besides that.


Next we have two ladies who are for an author’s upcoming fantasy novel.  I don’t know much about it, just got a request to doodle up his creations based on his descriptions.  When he gets his work up and out, I will certainly share it with y’all.


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So, the series of modern vampires and their prey and hunters I've been doing are for a collection of characters for a novel by Paul Leone.

Here is Amazon link:

And here is the link to his website with cool notes and background stuff:

And here is another one of the above mentioned characters, fresh off the Storn Art table.


Next up is a "post-modern" superhero...

And then we have fantasy duo versions of Caliban and Prospero



Tattoos, Metal and Vampiric Drow Hunters

Got three to share today.  First up is Vesper, a rogue trader captain commission.  I cannot take credit for her t-shirt logo.  That was created by my good friend and neighbor, Pete, for his band, Ire Clad.  The patron asked for perhaps a skull logo for the t-shirt and Pete had just sent me the latest design for Ire Clad's t-shirts and I went "ding!".  So, I have permission to use the Ire Clad logo and name.  And if anyone is so inclined, here are links to their sites:

Also, Vesper down there is an experiment.  I just got Manga Studio 5 (love the perspective rules btw!) and I wanted to see if I could draw from scratch, 100% digital, in Manga Studio 5.  I could!  Made a mistake though.  I set the dpi for 600, my favored resolution to work at.  But since the program was new to me, that made my 8" high paper into about 1" high.  And I merrily went along, drawing and painting.  When I brought it into Photoshop, my mistake became apparent.  Oooops.   So I had to redraw a lot of it, using both Manga Studio 5 an Photoshop.  The tattoos were done in PS.  So, digital art jockies out there, heed my words and don't make the same mistake.  Make sure not only to check the dpi, but the size in Manga Studio.

And now, for Vesper:

Vesper, Rogue Trader Captain

Next, I have a patron who is having me do a whole slew of fantasy pics, you've seen some of his commissions prior.  He likes having individual shots, and then some kind of group shot.  So expect more from him, I will be doing these through the spring and into summer in between the big movie job.

These two are vampiric Drow hunters.  Sounds like a pretty formidable duo.

Kara, Vampiric Drow Hunter

Miles, Vampiric Drow Hunter

a bit sparse...

..on what I can share these days.  I've got a big project on my table for a movie.  NDAs are in place, so I can only talk about it in limited fashion.  But I'm doing sorta mini-matte paintings for a fantasy movie that the actors are going to be in front of.  It is really cool, hard and fun.

In between approvals and fixes... I will still do my private commissions, but I might not be getting quite as many of them done as before.  But here is one, just done for Death Tribble.


Here are a couple of fantasy pics.  Trying to get a tad more movement and action into these  character concept shots.  It isn't always appropriate, due to the tone or personality of the character... but I try to remember to do action occasionally instead of just a pose where possible.  Let y'all be the judges... enjoy!

I've done Wilson down there twice before.  He has been upgraded with mystical armor, as per the patron's request.

Wilson Slade II

And to make this guy's 2 handed warhammer a bit on the large side.  I aim to please.  Should I have pushed it even further?  To, say, some anime or online MMO stylings of large hammers?  I still shirk towards the realm of "somewhat believable .  Again, y'all be the judges!

Nuns, guns and Virgins, oh my....

First up, a couple more of the Vampire Hunters club.  I will have more details, as in a link, when that becomes available from the client.  

Joe. Vampire Hunter
Sister Howley. Vampire Hunter

Then here are two more from Death Tribble.  A shooter and a Virgin airlines air stewardess with super powers.  The model used for the Virgin airlines gal is the same model that DT ask me to use for one of our very first collaborations, Brittania.  

Virgin Air Stewardess super heroine

A correction!

Robert, of the Do Not Approach-- Mutants and Masterminds villain gallery kickstart, wrote me with a correction.  The link in the previous post was to an older kickstart, here is the link to the correct one:  I apologize for any confusion or inconvenience.  

Here is a fresh off the tablet commission, the first of 7, involving vampire hunters and their prey.  

Two Kickstarts and bonus art!

While I haven't posted much art of late, I have been busy doing art and now I can share some of it with you.  First up, another oddball concept from Death Tribble.  This time I was the one who pushed for doing the head inside the chest...originally, it was supposed to be a helmet with water/fluid suspending the disembodied head.  I wanted to push the concept just a tad further and this is what I came up with...

Additionally, it is the first time I've done digital inks in a long time, and the first time on my wacom Cintiq.  I was pretty fast and more importantly, happy with the result.  Much, much easier than inking on a wacom tablet.  

Next up is another private commission... Warrior with mystic sword.. the patron went into some detail on how the sword was all jaggedy and energized.  

Next are two images from the first kickstarter I'm discussing today.  These are from "The Skies of Danbury"... a follow up to the "Within the Devil's Reach" adventure.  This is for the game, Dungeon World.  The cover, followed up by an interior.   You can find the already-funded Skies of Danbury kickstart here:

And for superhero lovers, this is an image for a Mutants and Masterminds Villains pack.  Link to that is here and this worthy project is NOT funded yet, so it could use your help:

Whale of a Time!

Death Tribble wanted an Evil Whale.  My first go around tried to animorphasize the beastie, but DT really wanted a pretty straight up baleen whale.  I gave it a bit of a "chin" growth and red eyes to hopefully push it a bit into 'eeeeevvvviilll!!" territory.  But I'm not sure.

This is another in Paul T's Exalted femme fatale series.  This time, it is Red Lotus Blossom, described to me as a redhead (but using an actresses very orange hair color), wearing red, and being a "sword princess" but with a naginata (if I preferred.. yes, I preferred! <g>  I get to draw swords all the time, naginatas are much more rare!)

p.s.  Really, really diggin' my Cintiq!!!

Cute and Bloody and Divine

Well, Millie encouraged me to make Xmas cards.  So I did the obligatory cat Xmas card starring our cats, Chrissie and Baby.  Chrissie is the one wearing the santa hat.  So this is the cute.  Down with watered down acrylic ink.  

Then we have a dear friend who is a major horror fan.  Last year, I did a zombie Xmas.  This year, well, how about Vampire Xmas.  So, Bloody.  Maybe next Xmas will be hairy (ie Loup Garou).   Another acrylic, done on these cool watercolor cards that I acquired along the way somewhere.  By the way, although the font was hand done, it was based on a pencil transfer from Blambot's excellent YouMurderer font.  

Lastly, the divine, the last in my triad of angels.  

I will put all three of these up on my FineArt America.  They can make nice cards and such.

I'm off to Puerto Rico for Christmas.  I hope to do some art while down there.  I'll post it when I get back.