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My first entry: Dreamation, recovery

I went to Dreamation with the Jays.... Jeff, Judd and JJ.

And it was an absolute blast!

Best small con experience I've ever had. And I tend to avoid small Cons on purpose, because there is somehow this sense of desperation about them.

Or maybe I'm just internalizing. As I've gone to cons in the past to make money, to sell my artwork. And small cons tend to be a real bust in the money-making dept. I get despaired.

Dreamation? I went to play games. I didn't even bring a portfolio, unheard of. I did sketch some doodles at the gaming tables I was involved in. That was fun. I have to scan those in and get them to the hands of the GMs I played with. Put them up in the various threads I post artwork up in.

But I've got a show at the Tburg Gimmie Coffee to set up this Sunday. Tburg is shorthand for Trumansburg, NY, outside of Ithaca, NY. And I'm desperately trying to get a small painting done for the show, plus rematt and frame some other paintings in time.

So, that whole scan in stuff seems like such a huge hurdle at the moment. Maybe later this afternoon, when the painting has a few hours in it.

Well. That was my first entry. I don't know who in their right mind would find this interesting. I keep saying I'm not much of a writer, and that is why I tell my stories in paint and ink.

Go look at my art, that is much more eloquent than I am.